Major sponsorship in the pipeline!!

Posted on February 27th, 2008 in General by Administrator

Some of you will know that Johann and I have been looking for a major sponsor of the MAPA project for some time and it looks like we have found one. We aren’t allowed to make any public announcement until everything is signed but we will as soon as the contracts are all agreed.

This is fantastic news and means that MAPA will have enough money by the middle of the year to put teams of dedicated mappers on the road.

Some time ago, Google committed to putting the protected areas we mapped up on a public layer of Google Earth. This was great, our first sponsorship which meant you wouldn’t have to grovel around in the left hand menu, looking for something to tick before you could see the greatest wildlife inventory on the planet. Fantastic.

Then Tracks4Africa offered to put their existing protected area data into the MAPA database.  Now we had a platform to present on AND a running start at data gathering.

Most recently we stated asking potential sponsors to help us accelerate the project by doing two things:

  • assist in getting some dedicated mapping teams on the road in Southern, East and North Africa
  • help us put together a little research unit (person, desk, pc, phone line) to work out the best way to gather data in Central and West Africa

To cut a long story short, we heard on 8 Feb. that a huge international company have approved funding to make both of these things happen for Phase 1 of the project! We are still a little short of budget but this means that year one, of a two-year project plan, is mostly funded. It’s incredibly exciting and all happening a lot faster than we expected.

We are now officially looking for our first dedicated mapping teams! We pay, you travel (and work….hard….).

Check out the opportunity of a lifetime here.

Cheers from Cape Town