MAPA Layer ready for Google Earth

Posted on October 25th, 2009 in General by Administrator

Hi Everyone

I am off to Kampala, Uganda, this morning, to launch the first version of the MAPA layer on Google Earth.  It is the annual AfricaGIS conference next week, and Google is one of the sponsors, so they are showing a number of their Africa Projects.

This is incredibly exciting for us – although the MAPA data is slowly finding its way through to Google Maps, this is the first public presentation of the dataset all together in one place. The first version of the MAPA layer will include the major publicly accessible protected areas of Southern and East Africa – essentially the National Parks network.  From now on we will just be adding more content, hopefully for the next two years.

To start with, the layer will be downloadable from the Google Outreach Gallery and once it has proved itself, it’ll be up in the Global Awareness layer for the whole world to see every time they turn on Google Earth – a real privilege for African conservation!

As soon as we get the go-ahead on Tuesday, I’ll post the link to the downloadable layer.  Please let us know what you think  There are bound to be some mistakes, mail us and we will sort them out asap.  Hopefully you will like what you see!

Sincere thanks to everyone who got us to this stage, more news soon.


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