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Posted on April 23rd, 2011 in General by Alta

Over the last two years, MAPA volunteers have criss-crossed the African continent with their GPSes to map some of Africa’s Protected Areas. During this time these men and women have collected thousands of photographs in many of Africa’s most beautiful and (often) remotest parks,  documenting their adventures, and capturing the stunning (and sometimes sad) scenes and sceneries of their sojourns.

Until recently, these photographs were hidden away and unpublished, but we’re slowly incorporating them in our Google Earth layer – both in the park bubbles and as slideshows which can be downloaded as part of the “click to see more” feature. From this week, you can also view some of our adventures on our Facebook page.

Jip, MAPA has finally embraced social networking, and you can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  So far, we’ve only posted a few of our trips – Old Oyo & Kanji Lake in Nigeria, Bicuar National Park in Angola, Murchison Falls in Uganda (shown below), Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, and Kabira National Park in Burundi. We’ll keep adding more in the coming few weeks, and will also keep adding slideshows to our Google Earth layer.

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