“Spotlight on Parks” series – can you help Africa at the World Parks Congress?

Posted on August 12th, 2014 in General,Spotlight on Parks by March Turnbull


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The MAPA Project is dedicated to putting African wildlife conservation on the map – literally – and we are running a special campaign for the next few months. In November, Sydney will host the IUCN World Parks Congress. This meeting only happens once every 10 years and we want to make sure that Africa’s parks  get seen at a time when parks can no longer be seen as ecological islands to be isolated from humans.  We will be going to the Congress and will be doing everything we can to make sure that Africa’s parks get the attention they deserve.  The MAPA Project map is one tool we can use to do that.

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We are going to blog about as many parks as possible, between now and November. There is a huge diversity of conservation experience found in Africa’s parks – hopeful, worrisome, wondrous, social, ecological, economic.  And more questions than answers….. which ones are resilient, which ones are facing collapse, why? With over 500 African national parks on the MAPA interactive map, we want to tell as many of their stories as possible before the Congress starts.

  • The MAPA team will generate regular park stories until November.
  • We will repost from other organisations’ blogs wherever we can – tweet or email us to let us know what park blogs are out there!
  • We’re also hoping that some of you will tell us about your favourite parks so that they get a mention.   Can you submit a few words about the parks you have visited or worked in?  Description is good but a little background about its particular circumstances is even better.   What are its special challenges, does it protect very rare species, what does the future look like?     A couple of pictures and a few hundred words is all it needs – though more is more!

Either submit your story using this form or just send us an email with your words and pictures to march[at]mapaproject.com If you can repost this on your own blog, or retweet the notification around the conservation & travel community that would be fantastic.

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Follow us on Twitter @mapaproject and contribute to our story campaign using the hashtags   #StoryOfAfricanParks and #WorldParksCongress.  We will also be posting to our Google+ and Facebook pages.

You can also follow the stories geographically (we do, after all, map Africa’s protected areas).  We’ve created an interactive map where you will be able to navigate to all the stories we blog in the coming weeks, see the stories that users submit, and, for the interactive experience, view photo spheres taken in parks.   


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