Spotlight on Virunga

Posted on August 13th, 2014 in General,Spotlight on Parks by March Turnbull

Virunga National Park is one of the iconic reserves in Africa.   It’s famous as a beleaguered refuge for mountain gorillas and infamous for almost all of the challenges facing African wildlife conservation today.

Believed to be Africa’s oldest and most bio-diverse National Park, Virunga is located in the Eastern DRC, the very heart of the continent, straddling the great lakes region where central and East Africa meet.

Virunga faces too many of Africa’s most intractable problems.  Some are rooted in the Rwandan genocide, some in the promise of vast mineral resources.  What is absolutely certain is that if the the region was at peace with itself, this is a park that every single wildlife traveller would want to visit.

In May, Fred Pearce wrote about Virunga for Yale environment 360, probing the highly controversial decision to allow oil prospectors access to over 80% of the park.

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 Virunga on film. 

The story of Virunga has recently been captured in a hard-hitting documentary that reminds us that the park is defended by extraordinary people, sometimes under the most dangerous and difficult circumstance imaginable.  Read more stories from Virunga by visiting


 Virunga on MAPA’s Interactive Layer. 

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