New version of the MAPA layer now available

Posted on February 24th, 2010 in General,New Content by Alta

Thanks to enormous assistance  from Google Earth Outreach, a new version of the MAPA layer is now available. If you already have the MAPA layer loaded on your computer, there is no need to load it again. The changes should reflect on the layer the next time you open Google Earth.  Alternatively, simply download it here.

You’ll notice a few changes from the last version of the layer: we’ve improved and increased content for protected areas in most countries, and blogs and research projects that were on the layer before have also been updated.  If you’ve added or corrected  content after the 28th of January 2010, this won’t reflect in this version of the layer, nor will any of the critical habitats. We’ll keep you posted as to when you can expect to see these updates.

For this version of the layer, one of first changes that you’ll notice is that all research projects and blogs seem to have disappeared when you first open the layer, but they are still there! Just zoom in a little to see their place-markers appear.  Zoom in even more and you’ll also see points popping up one by one. We decided to go for this “thinner” look to minimize clutter – Do you agree that this cleaner version is easier and more elegant to use? Or did you prefer the older version? Please  let us know your thoughts either way!




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