Kenya team gets going…

Posted on September 2nd, 2008 in MAPA expeditions by Administrator

I have just come back from a week in Nairobi, and it has been fantastic.   I went with two main objectives:

  • First, we went to meet with the Kenya Wildlife Service who manage most (but not all) of the major protected areas in Kenya. Craig von Hagen and I presented a sample MAPA park(Nairobi National Park) to the KWS Executive, including Director Julius Kipeng’etich. Craig had mapped the park and the T4A team had created a Google Earth and MapSource representation.  It was very professional.  I will post those files up onto the website shortly, so that you can all see what the standard is.
  • Tom Sipul of Kenya Wildlife Service and Craig von Hagen of MAPA Kenya

Craig von Hagen of MAPA Kenya and Tom Sipul of Kenya Wildlife Service

    The meeting went really well and we will be working very closely with KWS to map the rest of the protected areas.

  • The second job was to see if we could muster enough self-drive volunteers together to map all 60 targetted Kenyan reserves.  We had a brilliant turnout at Village Market in Nairobi (and quite a lot of drinks) and I think we just might do it by mid Novemebr which is the project target for Kenya!  It will be fantastic if we can.  Craig and I are currently working out who will do which parks.

Sincere thanks to everyone who pitched up and especially Craig von Hagen who is giving so generously of his time and skill.

We also got great support from Rajeev Handa of Garmin East Africa who made several GPS units available to the Kenya team.




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