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Travel journalist is volunteering for MAPA in Ghana and this is his latest post…..

Travel journalist March Eveleigh is volunteering for MAPA in Ghana and this is his latest post…..

MAPA Blog 05

22-Dec 2010

We spent a long dusty day mapping Gbele National Park. The other team was running short on fuel so we agreed to make the run into the centre of the park to try to find a road through to the north. We made three aborted runs up tracks that finally disappeared into cattle trails or footpaths.

Nobody was really sure what we would find in Gbele and, although we succeeded in mapping pretty much everything that could be mapped, by the end of the day it seemed safe to say that Gbele is pretty much a park in name only. There are said to be protected Roan antelope here and perhaps from time to time lion (nomads from Burkina Faso) but there are several large villages in the park and cattle roam most parts. Farmland and burnt scrub seemed to be pretty much all that Gbele had to offer.

It was almost dark by the time we made it to Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary and pitched camp by the side of the Black Volta. The mist shrouded forest on the far side was Burkina Faso. It seemed that the river had a fantastic effect of cooling the normally balmy Ghanaian evening and we passed an interminable night of cold that was about as intense as any I have experienced in Africa.

We rose with the sun and met up with our guide Joshua to take a canoe down the Volta to waypoint a hippo hide and to check out some of the sanctuary’s resident pod of 60 hippos.

After that it was another long drive back east to the famous Mole National Park, where we plan to stay through Christmas.

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